Winter Energy Boost Experiment for chronic fatigue


Hi there you beautiful KEEP IN MIND TRIBE……. as you all know I 100% truly believe the road to health is ‘not one thing – it’s everything.’ It’s about finding the specific tools for your particular biochemistry. What works for one might not work for another… this approach means you have to put some effort in. It means a whole lot of trial and error. I learn’t this lesson the hard way, I spent years doing what others said was right for my body and let me tell you, that is a VERY bad idea – it lead me down a windy path of pain and suffering. I also believe nature has the answers we just have to start looking outside the box (the pill box) and start listening!
As I’ve mentioned previously, I have terrible trouble with energy production due to a damaged immune system and mitochondria, which is the power house of our cells, mitochondria generate the energy our cells need to do their jobs.
Which brings me to my ‘WINTER ENERGY EXPERIMENT’. I am committing to 90 days of either sunrise or sunset cold water exposure to see if I can bio-hack my cells into making more energy. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.. so why not?
The practice is called cold thermogenesis it is the process of heat production stimulated by exposure to cold temperatures. Exposure to cold is said to enhance the immune system, improve adrenal function, thyroid function, improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation and improve metabolic up regulation and heat production.
People often say to me when they see me trying out different food choices or lifestyle choices…. “I couldn’t do that” ……. well…. ‘yes you could’ – your just not yet desperate enough. When your desperate enough for health you will try anything. So here I go….. it’s not going to be easy… I welcomed hubby and the boys to support me for the challenge, unfortunately I was not met with much enthusiasm for the idea… However hubby did happily offer his support by offering to push me in the pool every morning…. he’s all heart! So it looks like I’m on my own for this one… I’ll keep you posted on my findings… wish me luck and don’t laugh too hard at me freezing in the video!

Day Four……. It was cold and windy……


Part two – The results are in!! Was my 90 day winter Energy boost experiment a success or not???  Check out video below for the results!

6 thoughts on “Winter Energy Boost Experiment for chronic fatigue

  1. Awesome. I listened to a podcast recently. Pretty sure it was “up for a chat” but just playing an interview cyndi did with a neuro surgeon or something. He was a fascinating man and he spoke about this !!!!!
    Cannot wait to see how it goes for you. Good luck, sending positive wishes for you


  2. Love it, love you and love theblog😃👍😃
    you are in the sunny state the pool will not really get cold!?!?
    dont you think the dam would much better for this experiment?


  3. Thanks for your honesty on your blog. The CT thing is a journey isn’t it. My wife and i purchased a rubber stock tank from Orscheln Farm Supply. There is room for one person sitting. We filled it with garden hose water. Fast forward. It’s winter here in Missouri. The air is 34 degrees today. The water in the tank is 54 degrees. We each have done 46 dips since last September. Our shortest was 3 minutes at the beginning. We have worked up to 30 minutes. We each have our way of warming up after the workout. CT is a workout. My body gets completely worn out, but I sleep good at night. I’m trying to find a group of people who are doing CT outside in cold water. I wish you the best.


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