Ok, so this is my Very first ‘keep in mind’ recipe! I am so excited. When my husband first saw that I had a section on my blog page for recipes he laughed. Why? Because I can never usually make the same thing twice and I’m completely hopeless at following recipes to a tee, as I get too creative and can’t help but throw in a few extras. So anyway here it is – my ‘Orange Happy Cake’ it’s called this because I was so so happy when the whole family loved it, even Caleb my hardest to please (It’s not his fault…. he’s an addict… a sugar addict… We are working on it :0) So put on your favourite music and make this for your family, don’t tell them it’s ‘healthy’ and they will never know… it’s just so delicious.



For the Cake:

1 ripe pear (because it was just sitting in the fridge overripe & I didn’t want to waste it)
2 Oranges peeled (keep skins on if you like that… my kids don’t)
90 grams of raw honey
75 grams coconut milk or coconut cream
6 eggs from your chicken coop
60 grams of coconut sugar
1 tsp gluten-free baking powder
100 grams coconut flour
100 grams almond meal
1/4 cup poppy seeds
1 cup raspberries (frozen or fresh)

For the glaze:

1/4 cup coconut cream
2 tablespoon of butter (for dairy free option use coconut oil)
2 tablespoon of raw honey

Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees
Line a round cake 20 cm cake tin or any shape will do.

Place pear and orange together in thermomix or blender and pulverise to a pulp.

Cook on 100C temp / speed 1 / 5 minutes *If you don’t have a thermomix you can cook on stove top until heated through and fruit just starts to break down slightly.

Place remaining ingredients (except for raspberries) into the bowl and mix on speed 4 for 30 seconds until combined.

Pour into cake tin, sprinkle raspberries over the top of the cake batter. I crumble raspberries up as I scatter them on top. Place in oven for 60min or until skewer comes out dry. *Don’t forget to glaze your cake during the last 20min baking.


While cake is cooking away, mix together glaze ingredients in thermomix and heat on 60 deg/ 2 min / speed 2 or in a sauce pan works too.
I usually spoon the glaze over the cake whilst it’s in the oven at 40 min cooking time and then again at 50 min.
When cooked take out of oven and place on rack.

I love eating this cake while still warm. Really yummy with some raw cream or even some coconut yogurt with fresh raspberries on top, or just on it’s own is fab too. Make yourself a whole pot of tea, you’ll need more than one cup because you’ll be eating more than one slice, I promise, it’s just too delicious not to. Happy Baking my beautiful friends x




Hi, I’m Meli.

I am an artist, a wife to the most patient man in the universe and mother to three incredible teenage boys.
We are a family of survivors that have lived through hell and come out the other side stronger, kinder and with a story to hopefully inspired others.

My hope is to share a message that recovery is possible even when doctors tell you it’s not and that Marriages can survive through extreme turmoil , illness and even when statistics scream doom. I understand what it’s like to have to grieve those fairytales that didn’t come true and how to move forward and even thrive. I want to assure you that kids are resilient and they will be ok even if your not the perfect parent giving them the perfect life you may have planned.

I want you to know it will be ok and that your not alone.

Together we can do this,
the answer is not one thing but everything.

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