Hi, I’m Meli.

I am an artist, a wife to the most patient man in the universe and mother to three incredible teenage boys.
We are a family of survivors that have lived through hell and come out the other side stronger, kinder and with a story to hopefully inspired others.

My hope is to share a message that recovery is possible even when doctors tell you it’s not and that Marriages can survive through extreme turmoil , illness and even when statistics scream doom. I understand what it’s like to have to grieve those fairytales that didn’t come true and how to move forward and even thrive. I want to assure you that kids are resilient and they will be ok even if your not the perfect parent giving them the perfect life you may have planned.

I want you to know it will be ok and that your not alone.

Together we can do this,
the answer is not one thing but everything.

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